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Laughing Joaquin and Chatty Daddario: Watch This Week

Image The coming week will meet the audience with a couple of very long-awaited premieres and a few just curious and promising ones. The main news of the upcoming theatrical weekend, of course, will be the release of the comic Joker's solo album on the big screens. A film that has nothing to do with the usual format of cinema based on graphic novels. In spirit and genre, the picture by Todd Phillips is much closer to "Taxi Driver" by Martin Scorsese than to any "Shazam!" or "Aquaman".

The second expected premiere is the adventure cartoon "Everest" about the friendship of a girl and a charming Yeti with superpowers. Among other novelties, we noted a financial thriller with a gorgeous cast, a horror about the re-education of negligent teenagers as an island of fear, and a romantic comedy with the audience's favorite Alexandra Daddario.

Joker. Now nobody laughs ...

Dubbed Trailer

Todd Phillips' film is a biased and in-depth exploration of the character of one of the most colorful and famous comic book villains of all time. However, the Joker's solo album keeps aloof from the DC universe, so you shouldn't look for a connection with other superhero films in it, just enjoy the new format and brilliant performance of Joaquin Phoenix. Recall that "Joker" has already made a splash at the Venice Film Festival and continues to march across the planet, collecting accolades. Phoenix was accompanied on the screen by Robert De Niro, Zazie Bitts, Francis Conroy and Mark Maron. Together they will tell a gripping story about the clown (during the day) and stand-up comedian (at night) Arthur Fleck, whose peace of mind was once irrevocably broken, and he turned into a dangerous, laughing psychopath.

Operation Hummingbird. " High Frequency Cat and Mouse

"Operation Hummingbird"
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Kim Nguyen's dramatic thriller tells the story of two brothers who work in the world of high-frequency trading. One day they will decide to implement one very ambitious and resource-intensive project, which, if successful, will enrich them fabulously. But the powerful Eva Torres, unprincipled and talented, stands in the way of Vincent and Anton, and the stakes in this game instantly become insanely high. The main roles in the film were played by Alexander Skarsgard and Jesse Eisenberg, and the image of their business rival was embodied by Salma Hayek, who tried on a rather unusual hair color for this role. Critics are low-key about the project: they mostly liked the acting and clever script, but almost everyone thought that if you skipped Operation Hummingbird, you won’t lose anything.

Loot ". Hardcore Growing Up

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Frank Halfun will present to the public a horror film about a difficult teenager, Toby, who was sent to a remote island with a group of similarly troubled children under a special reeducation program. The adults promised them a paradise for self-discovery, but in reality, the island turned out to be a death trap. Logan Miller, known to fans of American independent cinema for the role of eccentric Martin from the movie "With Love, Simon", will appear on the screens as Toby, and young Christine Froset from "The Apostle" will fight for her lives with him.

"Do you know how to keep secrets?" But she can't

Do you know how to keep secrets?
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Directed by Elise Durand, this romantic comedy will focus on advertising manager Emma, whose professional and personal life is at a standstill. Returning home after an unsuccessful business meeting, Emma meets a charming guy on the plane and blurts out all her secrets to him. Then it turns out that the stranger is the president of the company in which Emma works. And from that moment on, the life of a simple girl turns upside down. The main roles in the film are played by Alexandra Daddario (Rescuers Malibu) and Tyler Hoechlin (Supergirl), who starred together in the comedy Celibate Week eight years ago. Judging by the trailer, we'll see a classic rom-com with a familiar plot, unobtrusive humor and attractive characters.

Everest ". Yeti flies home

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One of the most anticipated American releases for the fall, this family cartoon is about a teenage girl who dreams of a life of adventure. Once, once again hiding from reality in her hiding place, she discovers there a strange, furry creature similar to the Yeti. The girl does not yet know that this creature escaped from the laboratory, where he lived very sadly, and decides not only to make friends with him, but also to help a new friend return home, namely, to Everest. To a normal person, such a task might seem impossible, but not to our dreamer, and soon the main character and her friends will find out that their new acquaintance has magical powers, thanks to which this journey will be remembered for a lifetime.

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