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Three men, baby and screenwriter

Image According to rumors, a remake of the Disney comedy "Three Men and a Baby" has found a scriptwriter and is currently looking for a director. House of Mouse has not yet confirmed this information, but insiders say that Will Reichel will write the script for the new version of the classic, which should be released on the Disney + platform. Will worked in this capacity on Frank Coraci's drama Hot Air, starring Steve Coogan, Taylor Russell and Neve Campbell.

The official synopsis of the remake states that the life of a New York bachelor and a couple of his friends will turn upside down when a girl leaves them with a baby and three men are forced to care for him. Roughly the same thing happened in the original 1987 film, which was directed by none other than Leonard Nimoy, based on a script by Jim Crookshank and James Orr. Steve Guttenberg, Tom Selleck and Ted Danson starred in the old comedy.

The remake is part of House of Mouse's epic plans to populate its new streaming service with more exclusive content, including a playable version of Lady and the Tramps and the Mighty Ducks sequel series.


Three Men and a Baby was a huge box office success and spawned a sequel, Three Men and a Little Lady, which unfolded a few years after the events of the original. The creators of the franchise wanted to go further and shoot another part - with the already matured baby Mary, but these plans were destined to perish in the production hell. According to the source, the shooting of the remake should start at the end of the year, and they will take place in Brooklyn.

Source: MovieWeb

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