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Taiki Waititi's ”Jojo Rabbit” won the Toronto festival

Image The 44th Toronto International Film Festival was held last week. Most critics from all over the world love it very much and jokingly call it “the right festival”, because it is within the framework of its programs that one can see the most daring experiments (in defiance of the conservative Cannes and Venice). There are also purely practical advantages: no exhausting queues, a complex caste system for admitting people to the screen, and other formalities. There is no jury with statuettes in Toronto, and the main award here is the People's Choice Award, which promises the winner $ 15,000 symbolic by Hollywood standards.

Why are the results of this national film festival interesting to us? And because the nominees for the upcoming Oscar often become the winners in Toronto. Last year, the Canadian festival awarded the future winner in the category "Best Film" - the drama "Green Book". The favorite of TIFF 2019 was the anti-war comedy "Jojo Rabbit" by the brightest author of recent years, Taiki Waititi. The plot of the film revolves around the awkward boy Jojo Batzler (Roman Griffin Davis), who loses his father, and he himself is completely lost in the cruel world around him. Adults do not understand and do not support the boy, and therefore he invents an imaginary friend for himself. All would be fine, but how often did your imaginary friend take on the appearance of the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler himself? Good, Adolf in Jojo's head has little to do with the figure of the infamous leader of the Third Reich - he appears abruptly, gives delusional advice and also suddenly (and very eccentrically) disappears from the boy's life. Taika had to play Hitler himself: there were jokes that none of the actors simply agreed to the role.


In fact, if the mixed reviews from critics are to be believed, the film by the black comedy master Waititi was hardly provocative. He was even dubbed"hipster comedy about fascism". However, each has its own limits of what is permitted and a sense of humor. Someone in the armed ziggling kids and jokes about Nazism may see an outrage over sacred themes. Let us cross our fingers so that such people do not end up in the ranks of the Ministry of Culture and that "Jojo Rabbit" reaches (without surgical interventions) the USA release. Indeed, despite the contradictions in the film's assessments, it is definitely worth evaluating the future player in the Oscar race.

Second place at the Toronto Film Festival went to Noah Baumbak's prize-winning film The Marriage Story, which features the divorce of Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver. The so-called "Scenes from Married Life" for millennials. TIFF viewers gave the third place to the Cannes Film Festival triumphant - the caustic dramedy "Parasites" by Korean director Pong Joon-ho.

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