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The die is cast

Image The shelf of Stephen King adaptations has arrived. New Line Cinema has decided on the name of the director of the film based on the novel Salem's Lot.

The Lot is the second published work of the King of Horrors. The book was published in 1975 and was instrumental in King's rise to popularity. In the center of its plot is the writer Ben Meers, who is faced with the horrors of the town of Jerusalem. According to King himself, the vampire horror is inspired by the work of Bram Stoker.

The “lot” has already formed the basis of several film and television projects. In 1979, CBS filmed a two-part mini-series Salem Vampires, which competed for three Emmy awards. Eight years later, Warner Bros. released a full-length sequel - "Return to Salem". The tape was a critical failure and was limited to limited release in select US cinemas. Finally, in 2004, TNT presented the mini-series The Fate of Salem, which earned one Emmy nomination.


Work on the new version of the Lot started last year. The film will be produced by horror master James Wang, while Gary Doberman, who is familiar with King's work from the film adaptation of the novel "It", will be responsible for the script and production.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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