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The Evil Dead is awake

Image While other horror franchises are getting sequels, reboots and remakes, Evil Dead left moviegoers alone. True, this will not last long: one of the creators of the film series Sam Raimi admitted that he was already thinking about ideas for the new "Evil Dead", but he had not yet decided what the potential project would be - part of the original trilogy, the sequel to the "Black Book" or something completely different.

Now Raimi is busy advertising the horror film Trap, which he produced, which is out in American theaters this weekend. As part of one of the interviews, journalists asked the filmmaker about the fate of Evil Dead, because the series Ash vs. Evil Dead was canceled last year with no hope of returning.

“I would like to make another movie. I don’t think the future of the franchise is related to television, but Bruce Campbell and Robert Tuipert and I are already discussing possible scenarios. We are not averse to filming yet another full-length Evil Dead and we are just working on ideas for the film ", - said Raimi.


Bruce Campbell does not want to return to the role of Ash from the original trilogy, which brought him popular love. If the actor does not change his anger to mercy, Raimi is ready to continue his collaboration with director Federico Alvarez, who directed The Black Book. The only problem is that Alvarez is now snapped up - the sequel "Don't Breathe" and the new "Labyrinth" are waiting for him. Therefore, Raimi and his colleagues are considering a third alternative, which is unknown, but in the next six months the future of "Evil Dead" should become clear.

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