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Played like that. Akimbo Cannons Trailer

Image Recently, the company "Cascade Film" organized a nationwide vote on social networks, inviting viewers to choose the USA-language name of the new action movie with Daniel Radcliffe. The distributor has decided on the title, and now the film is called "Akimbo Cannons", but moviegoers can still enjoy a breathtaking trailer, most of which Radcliffe is wearing no pants.

The main character of the tape is a simple video game developer named Miles. Peppers in his boring existence were added by a team of thugs who burst into his apartment at night. Waking up in the morning, the guy discovers that now he is a walking man-pistol, and a real weapon is screwed to his hands. Moreover, Miles is threatened to participate in a survival show. His task is to eliminate Nyx, the champion of the bloody game, and she has not lost a single fight ...

This whole insane mess was created by director / writer Jason Lee Howden ("Fatal Orgasm"). The horror star Samara Weaving, as well as Reese Darby and Ned Dennehy, joined the frightened Radcliffe.

Akimbo Cannons
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In USA cinemas, the race for survival with guns at the ready will begin on February 27.

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