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Harrison Ford is innocent

Image In the thriller "The Fugitive", Harrison Ford's hero claimed that he did not kill his wife, and now the actor will again make excuses to the jury, but this time in the series The Staircase (*), where he will play the main role.

The project is being carried out by Annapurna Television, and will be based on the documentary series "Suspicions", dedicated to the trial of publicist Michael Peterson, who was accused of the murder of Caitlin's wife. In January 2001, Peterson's wife was found dead at the foot of the stairs in their home with blunt force head injuries. Peterson claimed that the woman fell herself after mixing alcohol with Valium, and the prosecution insisted that Michael beat his wife with a poker, and then furnished everything as an accident. The motives for the crime were family discord and Caitlin's impressive life insurance. Peterson's defense offered other versions: Caitlin could be attacked by robbers or an owl, which inflicted head injuries on her, after which the woman ran into the house, tripped and hit the stairs. However,
Ford will not only play the main role in the series, but will also take on the functions of the executive producer. The scriptwriter of the drama is Antonio Campos, who is no stranger to stories of real tragedies: a few years ago he shot the film "Christine", which tells about the suicide of the TV presenter on the air.


The original documentary series was released back in 2004, later directed by Jean-Xavier de Listrad filmed additional footage and three episodes, released by Netflix in 2018. Getting the lead role of Harrison Ford, who hasn't been on the small screens for a long time, is already half the success, and after Christine, Campos moved to TV, where he managed to work on The Sinner and The Punisher.

* - preliminary translation.

Source: Variety

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