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Peter Fonda has died

Image The sad news came from Hollywood. In Los Angeles, at the age of 80, two-time Oscar nominee Peter Fonda passed away. According to the official statement of the actor's family, in recent years, he courageously fought lung cancer. Fonda died in his home surrounded by family and friends.

Peter was born on February 23, 1940, the son of the socialite Francis Ford Seymour and the legendary film actor Henry Fonda. At the age of ten, the boy experienced a severe psychological trauma. The relationship of the parents was so bad that one day Henry started talking about divorce. Three and a half months later, Francis committed suicide. They tried to hide the circumstances of his mother's death from the boy. Perhaps it was for this reason that Peter developed a rebellious character and completely deteriorated his relationship with his father. On his 11th birthday, the boy got hold of a pistol and accidentally shot himself in the stomach. Peter was in the balance of death. Subsequently, he will tell this eerie story to the members of The Beatles, and they will write the song `` She Said She Said ''.

While studying at Omaha Municipal University, Peter began acting in the local theater, on the stage of which his father and the famous Marlon Brando once shone. In the early 60s, Fonda moved to New York and made his Broadway debut. This was followed by an invitation to work on TV, and already in 1963, Peter first appeared in a movie. The first pancake did not come out lumpy: the role in the military drama "Winners" brought the Foundation a nomination for the "Golden Globe" in the category "Most Promising Young Actor."


World fame came to Peter in 1969 when he acted as a producer, screenwriter and performer of one of the leading roles in the independent drama "Easy Rider". The film, with a modest budget of $ 360 thousand, earned more than $ 60 million at the worldwide box office, acquired cult status among viewers and made the Foundation and its on-screen partners Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson superstars. As a result, the three of them earned Oscar nominations: Jack competed for the title of Best Supporting Actor, and Peter and Dennis claimed the gold statuette in the Best Original Screenplay category.


In subsequent years, the Foundation has shown itself not only as a talented actor, but also as a skillful director. In 1998, Peter was considered one of the top Oscar nominees in the Best Actor category. It seemed that after winning the Golden Globe, he had the cherished statuette in his pocket, but Jack Nicholson was ahead of the Foundation at the finish of the Oscar race. Two years later, Peter won another Golden Globe. The second prize of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association brought him his role in the television movie "Ayn Rand's Secret Passion."


Fonda has always been a willing guest on TV. Over the past decade, he has managed to please fans of such TV shows as "Californication", "Hawaii Police" and "Blacklist" with his acting talent.

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