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The bad guys cleaned up the US box office

Image On the eve of Martin Luther King Day, the North American box office was filled with passion. Newcomers have exceeded analysts' expectations, and old-timers have suffered moderate damage, so distributors are rubbing their hands in anticipation of good bonuses.

The top five US box offices for January 17-19 are as follows:

1. Bad Boys Forever


Week at the box office: 1
Added: $ 59.2 million
Total box office: $ 59.2 million
Sank / Rise: - (-)

The action movie, which marked the return of the franchise to the screens after a long absence, escaped the problems that sequels usually face. Moreover, Bad Boys Forever showed the best debut among Sony's R-rated projects. The tape started at the level of the last impossible Mission ($ 61.2 million) and Hobbs and Shaw ($ 60 million), so $ 170 million in home rental is an achievable goal. Well, Sony bosses, inspired by such a good start, are already preparing the fourth part of the film series.

2. "The Amazing Journey of Dr. Dolittle"


Week at the box office: 1
Added: $ 22.5 million
Total box office: $ 22.5 million
Sank / Rise: - (-)

Stephen Gaygan's film also exceeded the expectations of Universal Studios, which had counted on no more than $ 20 million. The fact is that by the weekend the picture came up with a load of negative press reviews. Fortunately, the audience was not as skeptical as the critics, and yet it will not be easy for the film to recoup its $ 175 million budget.

3. "1917"


Week at the box office: 4
Added: $ 22.1 million
Total box office: $ 76.8 million
Sank / Rise: -2 (-40.2%)

Sam Mendes' war drama takes one film award after another, and so things are going great in the box office. In two full-fledged weekends, the film grossed $ 145 million worldwide, making it noticeably close to the results of The Survivor ($ 154.8 million) and Unbroken ($ 161.5 million).

4. "Jumanji: The Next Level"


Week at the box office: 6
Added: $ 9.6 million
Total box office: $ 270.5 million
Sank / Rise: -1 (-31.7%)

Blockbuster showed the smallest audience drop among the top 5. Like the previous part, "The New Level" keeps well afloat, not paying attention to competitors. As a result, the film has already earned $ 712 million at the worldwide box office, so it's no coincidence that Dwayne Johnson is talking on social media about a potential sequel.

5. Star Wars: Skywalker. Sunrise »


Week at the box office: 5
Added: $ 8.4 million
Total box office: $ 492 million
Sagged / Increased: -3 (-44.9%)

Jay Jay Abrams's film is approaching the $ 500 million mark at home and the billion it finally won in the world, and yet in the latest Star Wars trilogy, the picture looks like an outsider.

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Author: Jake Pinkman