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Netflix Receives Red Notice and Deadpool Star

Image A couple of days ago, The Information published an interesting material about the new financial policy of the online service Netflix. The leader of the global streaming industry is in a hurry to dispel rumors about the transition to austerity. It was announced today that Netflix has pledged a lump sum for the rights to the action movie Red Notice.

The film was originally developed for Universal Studios. Its official announcement took place in February last year. Since then, director Rawson Marshall Thurber (We are the Millers, Skyscraper) and two Hollywood superstars at once have joined the film project: Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. It was rumored that Skala claims a record career fee, and the total cost of creating the painting will amount to about $ 125-150 million.

By buying the rights to the spy blockbuster, Netflix made it clear that it is still willing to shoot pictures with a price tag of more than a hundred million dollars. At the moment, the most expensive movie online service is considered the upcoming action movie Michael Bay 6 Underground, whose production budget is estimated at $ 150 million. It is possible that "Red Notice" will exceed this mark, because the streaming giant has already managed to replenish the newly acquired project with another expensive star. Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool, Hitman's Bodyguard) will join Johnson and Gadot on screen.


As you know, a special Interpol order for the capture and detention of international criminals is called the Red Notice. In this regard, it can be assumed that the action of the film will unfold in the world of agents of the International Criminal Police Organization.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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