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Gustface is preparing another blow

Image Last fall, a rumor circulated in Hollywood that the rights to the Scream franchise were bought by Spyglass Media Group and that it was ready to return Goustface to the big screens. Franchise fans can rejoice as this information has now been confirmed. Moreover, "Scream 5" has already acquired a director, or rather, a whole team of directors: Matthew Bettinelli and Tyler Gillett will lead its filming.

This is where the reliable information regarding the new "Scream" ends, and one can only guess what the management of Spyglass Media Group plans to do with the popular film series. Are they preparing a sequel to Scream 4, or do they intend to start from scratch and restart the franchise? Insiders say that screenwriter Kevin Williamson, who worked on all the previous parts, this time is content with only the role of the executive producer. Who will write the lyrics of the new slasher is unknown.

The first "Scream" hit the screens back in 1996 and not only recouped its budget at the box office, but became a real cultural phenomenon. It was followed by three more parts, the last of which came out in 2011. MTV tried to revive the franchise on television, but Scream, which ran for three seasons, was clearly inferior in popularity to its full-length brothers.


As for the director's duo Matthew Bettinelli and Tyler Gillett, they first gained experience on the horror anthologies Z / L / O and Monsters of the South, and last year they presented the film I'm Going To Search. It successfully combined elements of slasher and comedy, so "Scream" seems to be in good hands.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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