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Ryan Gosling sang with the Universal monsters?

Image The Universal monsters are periodically stormy. After the failure with "Mumia" the studio replayed its plans, and several projects went to the shelf at once. As a result, the major chose a different strategy, which consists in filming unrelated low-budget horror films, and the first of them should be The Invisible Man. After it turned out that the universe of monsters does not live alone as soloists, and director Paul Fig collects "The Dark Army". Like a bolt from the blue, the news sounded that the monsters will also light up on the dance floor in their own musical, and it is worth hoping that at least part of the plan will be realized.

In the meantime, rumors appear on the Internet about who can be seen in the updated universe of monsters. Universal once released Johnny Depp, Javier Bardem, and Angelina Jolie, but now the major is setting traps for other Hollywood stars. Insiders report that Ryan Gosling is considering joining the franchise.

So far, however, journalists find it difficult to say for which project Universal wants to get Gosling. The latter has proved more than once that he can handle a variety of roles, so Ryan may well lead the "Dark Army" and dance along with the monsters in the musical.

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