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Melissa Barrera will fight Goustface

Image In March, Spyglass Media Group announced that Gustface is back, with Paramount in full swing on the fifth installment of the acclaimed Scream franchise. Of course, it is too early to wait for information about the premiere date, but today it became known who will play the main role in the horror film, which, according to the official press release, is simply called "The Scream". Melissa Barrera, the star of the drama series "Life", will enter the confrontation with the cruel maniac.

As previously reported, the veterans of the film series could not resist the temptation and agreed to take part in the filming of the sequel: David Arquette will again play Dewey, and Courtney Cox will reincarnate as the annoying reporter Gail Weathers. Neve Campbell is still in talks with the producers of the project to return to the role of Sidney Prescott.

Despite the fact that the creators of the picture did not disclose the details of the plot, it can be assumed that the script by James Vanderbilt ("Zodiac") and Guy Busik ("Castle Rock") turned out to be truly exciting. The slasher was directed by Matthew Bettinelli and Tyler Gillett, who have already worked together on the black comedy I'm Going To Seek, the horror movie Monsters of the South and the mocumentari Z / L / O.

Source: Deadline

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