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Mulan rental in China postponed indefinitely


Walt DIsney has lost its main market for Mulan - Chinese. According to the Comic Book, the planned release of the movie based on the ancient legend and the full-length cartoon of the same name, scheduled for March, will not take place.

The reason is the outbreak of the coronavirus, which has not yet been brought under control in China. The new rental schedule has not yet been approved, so we can say with full confidence that the release of Mulan has been postponed indefinitely.

This will be a very sensitive blow to the box office of the movie, the production budget of which is estimated at 260-290 million dollars, making it the most expensive movie ever made by a female director. With this massive investment in Mulan, Walt Disney is clearly counted on the huge rental potential in China.

Recall that earlier, due to the spread of the disease, the company decided to temporarily close its amusement theme parks in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Analysts believe that in just one quarter, this could lead to a loss of about $ 300 million in profit.

The Topic of Article: Mulan rental in China postponed indefinitely.
Author: Jake Pinkman