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The paranormal continues

Image Last year, Paramount took audiences to the scary "Quiet Place", and this year they gave them a tour of the Pet Cemetery. Both horror movies brought profit to the major, and now the company decided to earn extra money on "Paranormal Activity", which had been absent from the screens for several years. At the CineEurope forum in Barcelona, studio president James Gianopoulos announced that he and producer Jason Bloom are preparing the seventh installment of the popular film series.

The first film, released in 2009, became a real phenomenon. Having traveled to various festivals, "Paranormal Activity" made it to cinemas and raised an impressive $ 193 million, despite the fact that the film's budget was meager $ 15 thousand. "Paranormal Activity" not only initiated one of the most successful horror franchises, but also ignited in the Hollywood sky. a star named Jason Bloom. Since then, the producer has more than once regaled viewers with good-quality horror films, and it is time for him to patent his formula for success, which allows him to get maximum profit with the minimum cost of shooting.

The last time viewers witnessed the paranormal in 2015, when the sixth film "Ghosts in 3D" from director Gregory Plotkin was released. This part did not impress the viewers at all: the weakest box office in the franchise was added to the many negative press reviews, although $ 78 million with a $ 10 million budget can hardly be called a failure.


While the details of the new "Paranormal Activity" are kept secret, Jason Bloom may be able to resurrect the franchise, as in the case of last year's "Halloween".

Source: The Wrap

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