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Ice Cream for Simon Pegg: Actor's Anniversary

Image Often, actors take up their pen or jump into the director's chair to try themselves in a new role. But not everyone manages to do it as witty, sincerely and for a long memory, as it did with Simon Pegg. The British comedian, actor, screenwriter, director and producer, in the company of his eternal partner Nick Frost and director Edgar Wright, presented the world with the Blood and Ice Cream trilogy, which can be recommended to every lover of non-trivial English humor. Today, Pegg turns 50, and Lostfilm suggests spending the evening of February 14th watching these three comedies - with a half or alone.

The name of the trilogy "Blood and Ice Cream" arose from a joke during the promotion of the movie "Kinda Tough Cop". In all three films, ice cream from the Cornetto brand appears, and the color of the dessert in the frame echoes the plot: reddish strawberry - with bloodshed when fighting zombies, blue - with the color of police uniforms, greenish mint refers to science fiction. Despite the general parody canvas, the films are not a continuation of each other, and the same actors play new characters every time.

Sean the Zombie (2004)


The life of Sean, an electronics seller in a small shop in London, is boring and aimless: there is no respect for colleagues, it is not possible to find a common language with his stepfather, and the girl leaves him after an unsuccessful date. Trying to distract himself, Sean gets drunk with his friend Ed, but the heroes do not even suspect that a zombie apocalypse has begun in London that night. The next morning, unexpectedly defeating two living dead, Sean and Ed decide to save loved ones and take refuge in their favorite pub. Will the heroes make it to the bar unharmed?

The idea of the zomromcom came to the co-writers of the script Pegg and Wright after working on an episode of the British TV series Fucked Up, in which the hero is also trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse. In addition to Pegg's constant companion, actor Nick Frost, Dylan Moran, Martin Freeman, Tamsin Greg and others starred in the film. It is curious that the location filming took place in London itself, the locals and fans of The Fuckers acted as zombies, and the electronics store and pub from the film were real-life places.

Kinda cool cops (2007)


London police constable Nicholas Angel, brilliant in his service, receives a long-awaited promotion to the rank of sergeant, but envious colleagues arrange the transfer of the hero to the small town of Sandford in a remote wilderness. Here, Engdel is forced to work with leisurely provincial law enforcers, and especially the Londoner is annoyed by the partner assigned to him by the name of Danny Butterman, the son of the new boss. Together with him, the hero begins an investigation of a mysterious series of murders, the victims of which, at first glance, have nothing to do with each other. But little by little, details begin to emerge that could lead Nicholas and Danny to solve a big secret.

Noticing that there is no tradition of films about police officers in British cinema, Wright and Pegg decided to create a tape that would parody blockbusters about servants of the law. To do this, the filmmakers watched 138 films about cops and picked up a meaningless title typical of militants about policemen filmed in the 80s and 90s ("Lethal Weapon", "On the Crest of a Wave", "Ordered to Destroy"). Wells, Somerset, Wright's birthplace, was chosen as the location. It is curious that Nick Frost agreed to star in the film only on condition that he himself chose a name for the character. In addition to Pegg and Frost, the film also starred prominent British actors: Jim Broadbent, Timothy Dalton, Olivia Coleman, Bill Bailey, Bill Nighy and others.

"Armageddian" (2013)


40-year-old loser Gary gathers matured and settled childhood friends together to complete the unfinished feat of youth. Despite the awkwardness of communication, Gary persuades the company to visit all 12 pubs in his hometown of Newtown Haven in one evening and end the trip at a bar called the End of the World. The situation is complicated when the sister of one of the friends joins the company. However, broken hearts and personal disagreements fade as Gary accidentally makes an opening in the closet of his fourth bar.

"Armageddian" became the most expensive and the most difficult film in the trilogy to produce: filming took place in different cities, two pubs had to be imitated in the setting of a railway station and a cinema, and Brad Allan had to be invited to stage fights. The original storyline was created by Wright at the age of 21 and focuses on nostalgia for life in a small English town. While writing the script, the filmmakers chose the real names of English bars so that the inscriptions on the signs echoed the events of the film. Pegg and Frost traditionally got the main roles, three more friends were played by Martin Freeman, Paddy Considine and Eddie Marsan, and Rosamund Pike played the role of the sister of one of the characters.


If you still want to see something more romantic on Valentine's Day, play Hector's Journey in Search of Happiness and explore the emotions with Pegg's character. And we wish the actor a long life and new exciting projects.

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