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Presley. Elvis Presley

Image This month, the planet celebrates the so-called Elvis Week - a holiday dedicated to the work of Elvis Presley. Online service Netflix, Sony studio and Authentic Brands Group have made a great gift for fans of the sweet-voiced King of Rock and Roll. Today it was announced that Presley will be the main character of the animated series.

The cartoon tentatively titled "Agent King" will allow you to look at Elvis in an unexpected light. During the day, Presley will travel around America in the usual image of the legend of the music scene, and at night he will face a battle against crime as a secret super agent of a secret government organization.

The animation show will be created with the support of the widow of the singer Priscilla Presley, who confessed that from an early age Elvis dreamed of becoming a spy and superhero, saving the world from the forces of evil.


The showrunner of the TV show will be Mike Arnold, who is well acquainted with the worlds of animation and secret agents working on the animated series "Archer".

Source: Variety

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