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Alicia Silverstone will look after the nannies

Image Alicia Silverstone (Real Crime) and Mark Feuersteen (Super Steward) have key roles in Netflix's new family series The Baby-Sitters Club, based on Anne's 90s novel M. Martin. Production has already started and is taking place in Vancouver. The showrunner of the project is Rachel Schuckert ("Glitter"), and Lucia Agniello, who directed the comedy "Very Bad Girls" with Scarlett Johansson.

The Baby-Sitters Club is described as a modern adaptation of the popular teenage book series, which will center on Christie Thomas and her four girlfriends, who set up a joint business of caring for young children, helping them not only earn money, but also share experiences and improve your personal life. Mark got the role of a character named Watson Brewer, Christie's love interest. As for Alicia, she will play the main character's mother.

Alicia Silverstone was recently seen in the comedy "Book Club", and Mark, in addition to "Super Steward", is known for the TV series "Doctor of Expensive Homes" and a guest role in "The Escape".


Martin's books have already been adapted for television: in the 1990s, The Baby-Sitters Club was released, where the role of Christie was played by Avriel Hillman. The show lasted only one season.

Source: TVGuide

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