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Netflix dives into the world of comics

Image No sooner had viewers discussed yesterday's news about the adaptation of the Korean graphic novel "We Are All Dead," as the online service Netflix made another gift for comic book lovers. The streaming giant has signed an exclusive deal with American publisher BOOM! Studios. Today's deal makes Netflix the third-largest comic book collection, second only to the collections of Marvel and DC.

A few years ago, BOOM! inspired by the success of competitors and thought about creating her own MCU. The publisher has signed a contract with 20th Century Fox. The future seemed to be bright for the franchise. Producers have allocated $ 170 million for the shooting of the animated blockbuster "Mouse Guard", but in the midst of preproduction news broke out that Fox had gone under the wing of the Disney Corporation.

The Walt Disney Empire has curtailed work on an expensive cartoon and other BOOM adaptations! Studios. The owners of the publishing house had no choice but to start looking for a new investor and distributor.


Details of the Netflix and BOOM deal! kept secret. Insiders do not exclude that the partnership between the companies will begin with the revival of the Mouse Guard.

Source: Deadline

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