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By day - boss, by night - subordinate

Image Recently, American studios have increasingly looked for inspiration in Korean books and films. Frolic Media was no exception, which bought the rights to film the comedy web comic “Yes, My Boss!”.

In the center of the plot is a young artist Eileen Jan, who dreams of creating her own comic strip. The money is sorely lacking, so the girl takes a part-time job in the office. During the day she works under the oppression of the obnoxious boss Jim Kang, and at night she is engaged in creativity. Eileen gets tired of the hectic schedule and decides to hire an assistant to help create the comic. Jan has no idea that the recruiting agency will send her office boss, who also needs a part-time job ...

The story of the day-to-day change of positions in the Boss-Subordinate relationship will become the basis of a podcast and a game series.

Source: Deadline

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