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Is the dirty dancing going on?

Image The film "Dirty Dancing" was released in 1987, becoming a real sensation. With a modest $ 5 million budget, the film managed to earn $ 218 million worldwide. She was the first tape whose video sales exceeded one million copies. Now Lionsgate is preparing a new film about dancing, starring the original star Jennifer Gray.

Gray was nominated for a Golden Globe for Dirty Dancing, as was her on-screen partner Patrick Swayze. In 2004, the major released a sequel to the film with Diego Luna and Romola Garay in the lead roles, but he did not repeat the success of his predecessor.

While the details of the new project are kept secret, it is known that its action will unfold in the 90s. This fact and the presence of Jennifer Gray in the film have already led journalists to the idea that Lionsgate is secretly preparing a new "Dirty Dancing" from the audience. Official representatives of the studio do not confirm this information, but do not deny it either.


The script for the new project is being written by Mickey Dowtry and Tobias Iaconis ("One Meter Away", "The Crying Curse"), and Jennifer Gray will also act as the executive producer of the tape.

Source: Deadline

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