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Gal Gadot will save children from the Nazis

Image Gal Gadot and producer Yaron Versano, who is her husband, have created their own company, Pilot Wave, and are preparing their first project to be released. It will be the historical thriller Irena Sendler, dedicated to the heroic life of the Polish Resistance activist. Gal will perform the title role and act as an executive producer along with her husband.

The film tells how Irena Sendler during the Nazi occupation saved 2,500 children from the Warsaw ghetto, uniting a whole network of caring helpers for this noble cause. After she was arrested by the Gestapo, saving the children turned for Irena into a real race against time, which could not be lost in any way, otherwise death awaited not only her herself, but also everyone who helped this Polish activist who went down in history.

The project is being written by Justin Gilmer, who has just completed work on another Holocaust film, Harry Haft. He also had a hand in the creation of the series The Hundred and In the Desert of Death. As for Gal Gadot, next summer the blockbuster Wonder Woman 1984 will be released, where she not only returned to the role of her superheroine, but also took over the production functions, and now the actress is filming for Kenneth Branagh in the detective story Death on the Nile.

Source: Deadline

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