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Beverly Hills Squad Conducting New Recruitment

Image It seems that studio bosses believe that only time-tested brands will be able to return viewers to cinemas: in Hollywood, a boom of remake addiction and sequelization has erupted with renewed vigor. Today he was joined by Tri Star, who announced work on the sequel to the comedy Beverly Hills Squad.

The original film was released in 1989. The comedy disappointed critics and earned only $ 8.5 million on a $ 18 million budget, but, as is often the case, acquired cult status with viewers. The main character of the film is the socialite Phyllis Nefler (Shelley Long), who joined the ranks of girl scouts to improve relations with her daughter.

The idea for Beverly Hills Squad 2 came from Asha Carr, who is becoming a real expert on remakes and sequels: she was recently commissioned to come up with a new version of Airplane, Train, Car. Tamara Chestna ("After") will be responsible for finalizing Karr's script application.


The production of the comedy was entrusted to Oran Zegman, a graduate of the American Film Institute, who has no experience of filming feature films yet.

Source: Deadline

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