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Outlawed robots

Image Five years ago, the Sony studio was eager to film the comic "The Messenger". The project never got off the ground, but fans of the graphic novel by Jeff Lemir can rejoice: now "The Messenger" will become a TV series, not a feature film.

Over the years, The Messenger has acquired a sequel in the Ascender comic format, and the Lark Productions banner has acquired the rights to adapt two cycles at once. The Canadian company is part of NBCUniversal International Studios, so the new project is likely to land on NBC or the Peacock streaming service. The second option seems to be the most likely.

The "Messenger" is set in a world where robots are outlawed. Once machines rebelled against people, because of which they are now hunted by all and sundry. Anti-technological sentiments flourish in society, which makes life very difficult for a robot boy named TIM-21. He soon begins to understand that he is an integral part of a conspiracy, which is fraught with many secrets. For example, why and why robots staged an uprising ...


The sequel moved readers ten years ahead, introducing them to new worlds and characters, so the creators of the new series have enough source material, especially since the topic of the influence of technology on nature and humanity remains relevant.

Source: Variety

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