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Celebration Stars Parade: Watch This Week

Image Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Shannon, Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Willem Dafoe, Bobby Cannavale, Alec Baldwin, Emilia Clarke, Chadwick Boseman, Eddie Redmayne - and this is not the whole list of cool actors who can be seen on our screens from next weekend in novelties of various genres. It won't be easy to make a choice, so avid cinephiles will probably have to visit the nearest cinema more than once.

But believe me, it's worth it: in addition to the exciting drama about the War of Currents, a Christmas love story, a crime thriller about Brooklyn of the 50s, a mind-blowing action about Manhattan isolated from the whole world and an adventure film based on a real story about a flight in a hot air balloon will be released in USA. , in spirit reminiscent of the sensational sci-fi "Gravity". If your eyes are already running wild from the assortment of stars, we suggest you take a closer look at the premieres ...

War of currents ". "Shine always, shine everywhere ..."

War of the Currents
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The biographical drama of Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, known to fans of auteur cinema for the soulful comedy "I, Earl and the Dying Girl," tells about an epic confrontation that unfolded on the US market at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Inventor Thomas Edison fiercely advocated direct current, while his colleague George Westinghouse argued that alternating current is much more promising. Both were looking for arguments in support of their idea, gathered allies around themselves, used a variety of methods of fighting the opponent, but did not retreat from their positions for a second. And only one of them was destined to illuminate the path of mankind. Benedict Cumberbatch appeared in the image of a self-confident, arrogant, constantly demonstrating his chosenness of Edison, and Michael Shannon played his opponent. They were accompanied by Nicholas Hoult, Tom Holland,
Motherless Brooklyn. " Boiling Pot Detective

Motherless Brooklyn
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Another premiere, from whose bright star cast you can go blind, will tell about Lionel Essroh, who suffers from Tourette's syndrome, who works as a private investigator in Brooklyn in the 50s. His colleagues are renegades and orphans like himself, and they rely on their boss Frank Minna for everything. And few people in this city care that Frank's orders often do not fit into the framework of the law. When the boss is killed, Lionel's life is turned upside down, but his search for the killer leads him to an even more dangerous master of Brooklyn. Three-time Oscar-nominated Edward Norton is the director, writer and starring actor, and he invited the likes of Bruce Willis, Willem Dafoe, Bobby Cannavale, Alec Baldwin and Michael Kenneth Williams to star in his dream project.

Christmas for two ". Elf sloth waiting for a miracle

Christmas for Two
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Our parade of famous names continues with the romantic comedy "Christmas for Two", inspired by the work of the late George Michael. The life of her main character, Kate, can be called a series of failures and bad decisions - she abuses alcohol, works in a Christmas store, and now she also has to walk around snowy London in an elf costume. But everything changes with the appearance of the ideal Tom, who will return the girl's faith in miracles. Director Paul Feig invited Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding to the main roles, while Michelle Yeoh and Emma Thompson shine in the background, the latter also acting as the screenwriter of the film.

21 bridges ". Black Panther starts hunting for thieves

21 Bridges
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This action-thriller was produced by the Russo brothers, with whom lead actor Chadwick Boseman is familiar from the Marvel Universe, and directed by Brian Kirk, who worked on the Dexter series. The star of "Black Panther" here tried on the image of the disgraced detective of the New York police, looking for dangerous robbers, which killed eight police officers. To deal with the cop killers, the city authorities are taking emergency measures - they raise all bridges leading to Manhattan, start the subway in a circle and isolate the island from the rest of the world. Sienna Miller, Keith David, Taylor Kitsch and J.K. will find themselves in isolation in Manhattan along with Boseman. Simmons.

Aeronauts. Expedition to Heaven

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Frostbite, hypoxia, pressure drops, life threatening in the end ... But nothing will stop the hero of this real-life drama from flying in a balloon in the company of a beautiful and just as desperate lady as he is. In 1862, pilot Amelia Wren and scientist James Glacier rose in a hot air balloon above all their predecessors, dreaming of uncovering the secrets of heaven. However, as they gained altitude, their flight became more and more like a struggle for survival. Oscar-winning Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones are starring. The film was shot by Tom Harper, who worked in the production team of the British saga "Peaky Blinders". In terms of atmosphere and intensity of passions, critics compare "Aeronauts" with "Gravity", noting that intrigue will keep you on your toes until the last frames.

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