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The Evil Dead cannot be stopped

Image Talk about new "Evil Dead" has been going on for several years. Until now, it was unclear how the producers see the future of the popular franchise - in the format of another reboot or a sequel. Bruce Campbell, who has been the face of the film series for a long time, decided to shed light on the new part.

According to Campbell, the next Evil Dead already has a title and a director. Evil Dead Now is directed by Irishman Lee Cronin, who was approved by the creator of the franchise, Sam Raimi. Cronin is a budding director and has only one feature film on his track record. It is worth noting that the horror film The Other pleasantly surprised many critics with its non-triviality.

As for the plot of the tape, Campbell did not go into details, but said that Ash would not appear in it, however, the events will unfold in the familiar to the audience of the Evil Dead universe.“From now on, each part will be independent. It's cool, it gives you freedom, because you can use different heroes and heroines. The new part will be more dynamic ... We want the franchise to continue to exist, and our mantra is that all heroes are ordinary people ", - says the actor.


Campbell also noted that they will try to implement their plans as soon as possible, when circumstances allow them to return to full-fledged work on the film.

Source: Empire

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