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Will Tom Cruise be on the Interpol list?

Image A few months ago, it was reported on the Web that Netflix's annual costs of producing original film and television content reached a record $ 17.3 billion. Today, the streaming giant can collect the kind of cast that its Hollywood competitors can only dream of. It looks like this will happen with the spy blockbuster Red Notice.

Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson have already signed on to participate in the film, whose fees could only be pulled by Disney, Warner Bros. and a couple more majors. It looks like Netflix will not stop there and will add another superstar to the aforementioned trinity.

Rumor has it that the filmmakers are in contact with Tom Cruise. Netflix hopes Red Notice launches a new action franchise about Interpol agents. Tom is offered a small role in the first film with the opportunity to become a key character in the story in subsequent spin-offs and sequels.


Officials for Netflix and Cruz refrain from commenting. The main obstacle to Tom's participation in the "Red Notice" can be a busy filming schedule. Soon the actor will resume work on the seventh and eighth parts of "Impossible Mission", and then he will travel to outer space.

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