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Is Han Solo getting a spin-off?

Image Once upon a time, Disney and Lucasfilm studios had high hopes for a series of Star Wars spin-offs. And if "Rogue One" met these hopes to a greater extent, then the solo album of Han Solo put an end to the further plans of the companies. After the film flopped at the box office, raising a modest $ 393 million by the standards of the franchise, Disney and Lucasfilm rushed to cancel the project about Bob Fett. And there was no need to talk about the sequel to "Han Solo" at all, although in a recent interview, actor Alden Ehrenreich admitted that there is still a glimmer of hope in his soul for a continuation.

Fortunately, the Mouse House has its own streaming service, and now the studio can afford less ambitious projects. Rumor has it that this could include several Han Solo spin-offs. According to insider information, there are now talks about a couple of potential TV series that will unfold after the events of "Han Solo", but all of them are still under discussion.


These television spin-offs can remain just ideas on paper, and therefore it is still difficult to say which heroes are worthy of their own series. Qi'ra seems to be the most likely option - after all, her storyline ended in an interesting place. Well, since the story of Han Solo himself was not interested in the audience, the Disney management can pay close attention to the young Lando Calrissian.

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