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Aladdin urgently needs a genie

Image Aladdin has grossed more than $ 1 billion worldwide, and Disney is proud of the work that Guy Ritchie and his team have done. It seemed that the deafening success of the film should bring good dividends to everyone involved in the shooting, and if we talk about the actors who played the main roles, then "Aladdin", according to the laws of the genre, is a direct pass to the world of blockbusters and large-scale projects. In fact, for Mena Massoud, it turned out the other way around.

Playing a character as popular as Aladdin, who is known to audiences young and old, is not an easy task, but Massoud coped with it. Now, big studios and venerable Hollywood producers should have paid attention to a talented actor, but that was not the case. In a recent interview, Massoud admitted that after the release of "Aladdin" he never received a single tempting offer.

“I want people to know that things aren't always rosy after filming a project like Aladdin. They think that I must have made millions or I am getting tons of offers, but I’m not. Since the release of Aladdin I haven’t been to any audition ”, the actor admitted.


Massoud's path to fame was thorny. Because of his appearance, he was more often offered the role of terrorists, but the actor tried to refuse such offers so that the audience did not have a negative impression of Egyptians or people of Arab origin. Massoud is well aware that no one will call him for the role of Batman, but still wonders why he is not invited to auditions at all. While Mena has a chance to establish himself in the world of television - he has already appeared in Jack Ryan, and will soon appear in the noir thriller Massacre, but the help of the genie from the magic lamp will obviously not be superfluous.

Source: The Daily Beast

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Author: Jake Pinkman