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Game, Set, Match

Image Four Daughters will take a fascinating excursion into the past and take spectators to the courts of the 1956 Wimbledon tennis tournament. A London studio has acquired the film rights to Bruce Schonfeld's book The Match.

The novel was published in 2004 and told about one of the brightest duets in the history of women's tennis. In 1956, Angela Buxton, an Englishwoman of Jewish origin, began performing in tandem with a black American Althea Gibson. The girls had to fight not only on the tennis courts, but also outside them, where a whole army of anti-Semites, sexists and racists was waiting for them.

Buxton and Gibson stood the test and won two 1956 Grand Slam tournaments. First, they won a victory at Roland Garros, and then dealt with rivals on the grass courts of Wimbledon.


The sports drama will be staged by Francesca Gregorini (People, Killing Eve).

Source: Deadline

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