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John Hamm will become the new Fletch

Image Journalist Irwin Maurice Fletcher was so popular among readers that Gregory McDonald eventually wrote 11 books about him, several prequels and sequels, and after the release of two films starring Chevy Chase, Fletch became a star. For a long time, Hollywood has been trying to bring to mind a new tape about a reporter who always finds himself in the midst of some kind of turmoil. It looks like the project has finally come to life: the Miramax studio has invited John Hamm (Mad Men) to play the main role in it.

If the pictures with Chevy Chase gravitated towards the comedy genre, then the new film will be more serious, more like the original books. The plot will be based on the book "Confess, Fletch". In it, the titular journalist is embroiled in a series of murders, and in one of the cases he is the main suspect. Fletch must prove his innocence, and at the same time find a stolen collection of art objects that his bride inherited after her father disappeared. Perhaps all these events are related? ..

It is noteworthy that in one of his interviews John Hamm admitted that he watched the film "Fletch" more often than others. Now he not only has to play his favorite hero, but also take on the functions of the project producer.


The director's chair of the new "Fletch" will be taken by Greg Mottola, who has already worked with Hamm on the comedy "Spies Next Door". The director's filmography also includes the films "Sex: The Secret Material" and "Superbad".

Source: The Wrap

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