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Is Solid Snake back in business?

Image During a pandemic, news from the world of cinema rarely comes, but rumors about long-forgotten projects appear in the press with enviable constancy. This time it is about the adaptation of the game Metal Gear Solid: Oscar Isaac ("Star Wars: Skywalker. Rise") can get the main role in it. So far, insiders claim only that Sony is considering Isaac's candidacy. It is unclear whether the actor will agree to the major's offer or prefer other projects.

The protagonist of the original game is the soldier Solid Snake, who is opposed by the Foxhound special forces who attacked the nuclear disposal base.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time Isaac's name appears in the Metal Gear Solid case. About a year ago, there was a rumor in Hollywood that the actor would not mind playing Solid Snake, and adaptation director Jordan Vot-Roberts was in favor. Well, a few months ago, the director admitted that he plans to meet with a potential candidate. Whether it was Isaac or someone else is unknown.


Sony has been planning to bring Metal Gear Solid to the big screens for a long time, but talk about the project is dying down, then flaring up with renewed vigor. Hopefully, the major will manage to get Isaac to play Solid Snake, and the work on the film will get off the ground.

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