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The wedding sang and danced

Image Dolphin has acquired the rights to script the comedy Sisters Before Misters, written by Janine DiVita and Eric Holmes. The film is directed by Leah Thompson, who directed The Year of the Impressive Man with Zoey Deutsch and Madeline Deutsch, and directed Stargirl and Katie Keane.

The plot of the film revolves around young Isabelle, an aspiring singer and songwriter, who decides to plan a wedding for her older sister, troubled and obstinate girl Allison. Thus, Isabelle hopes not only to hold a beautiful ceremony and show off her talents, but also to reunite the breaking up family.

“The script by Janine and Erica is a hilarious and moving story about the power of sisterhood, which will also help breathe new life into the comedy genre, commented Dolphin representatives on the news. “Lia, as a mother of two daughters and a talented person, is an ideal candidate for the post of director of our project.”

Source: Variety

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