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Nicolas Cage will play Nicolas Cage

Image For most of the last decade, Nicolas Cage has starred in independent and low-budget films, but now the actor is ready to return to collaborate with a major Hollywood studio, and his attention has been attracted by a project with an unusual and even strange idea. In short, Nicolas Cage will play Nicolas Cage in the film about Nicolas Cage.

Lionsgate beat Paramount and new online service HBO Max in the fight for the rights to The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent *, which was written by Tom Gormikan ("This Awkward Moment") and Kevin Etten (" Desperate Housewives"). It is curious that they wrote the script of the metaphorical picture as a joke in the hope that this idea will open new doors for them in Hollywood. The director's chair of the project was given to Gormikan.

According to the plot, the life of Nicolas Cage cannot be called raspberries. He has problems communicating with his teenage daughter, a lot of debt, and he is also trying to get a role in the new film by Quentin Tarantino. Due to debts, Cage goes to a birthday party for a Mexican billionaire who turns out to be a ruthless drug lord who kidnapped the daughter of a Mexican presidential candidate. The rich man is also an admirer of Cage's work and hopes to show him his script. The actor agrees, but his relationship with the drug lord attracts the attention of the CIA, and they decide to recruit Cage, and he is finally given the opportunity to become the hero he was before ...


Insiders report that according to the script, Cage will have to talk to a selfish version of himself from the 90s. The result should be a mix of "Adaptation", "Get the Shorty" and "Zh.K.VD", and at the same time a film-declaration of love for Cage's talent.

* - preliminary translation.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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