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Ministry of Culture prefers popcorn

Image How many goodies the audience bring with them to the cinema hall! Yes, not very cultured, but on a fresh blockbuster it will be loud enough so that the rustle of the wrapper interferes with viewing. The situation is familiar to everyone: after shopping or on a long-awaited weekend, you go to the premiere with a bag of chips or ice cream, with sweets and a glass of coffee, of course, bought outside the cinema, which has long raised the prices of popcorn and soda. But the latest news hints that soon the USA viewer will be robbed of this little joy of snacking in front of a luminous screen.

The Ministry of Culture of the USA Federation decided to sweeten the recent rumors about quotas for the distribution of foreign films (they threatened to reduce the share of imports to 35%) with new rules banning the bringing into the hall of products purchased outside the cinema buffet. USA cinematography needs support, and now this concerns not only the sale of tickets for films of domestic filmmakers, but also the side incomes of the venues. Industry representatives asked about this at meetings in the Ministry of Culture, justifying the need for changes in reduced profits.

The idea of such a limitation has already matured to the draft of amendments to the federal law and went to public discussion. The final decision could unleash a war between hungry audiences and greedy cinemas again, or prolong the sweet, crisp and juicy peace between parties united by a love of cinema.


The Topic of Article: Ministry of Culture prefers popcorn.
Author: Jake Pinkman