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Drake's Failure

Image The last day of the outgoing year brought unpleasant news to fans of cinema and video games: the film adaptation of the adventure franchise Uncharted was once again left without a director.

Previously, The Unknown: Drake's Luck has lost such talented directors as David O. Russell, Seth Gordon and Sean Levy. At the end of September, we reported that the film had passed into the hands of Travis Knight. It seemed that the creator of "Bumblebee" would move the project off the ground, but in the end he could not agree on a working schedule and canceled the deal with the studio Sony.

According to Hollywood insiders, Marvel is to blame for Knight's departure. The thing is that Sony partners have scheduled the shooting of a new Spider-Man movie for next summer. Tom Holland is about to resume training for the role of a young superhero, which means he will hardly be able to carve out time for "Drake's Luck." Sony doesn't want to lose the actor, so it will have to change the action movie's shooting schedule. Apparently, Travis refused to sit without work while waiting for Holland's return from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


The premiere of "Unknown" was set for December 17, 2020, but now Sony is likely to postpone that date.

Source: Deadline

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