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Bond will remain a man

Image For 14 years, Daniel Craig never parted with his license to kill. When it became known for certain that the actor would say goodbye to the role of agent 007 after the 25th part of the Bond film, the film world began to wonder who would follow in Craig's footsteps. So far, these conversations have subsided, but from time to time the producers of the franchise are still asked questions about the new Bond, and recently rumors have increased that everyone's favorite hero can, firstly, change his skin color, and secondly, become a woman.

Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael J. Wilson, who have been developing the franchise for decades, in their latest interview dispelled some doubts about the identity of the future Bond.“He can be of any race, but Bond is male. In my opinion, it is necessary to create new roles for women, images of strong heroines, but I am not interested in giving a purely masculine role to a woman ", - Broccoli noted.

And although there are many who dreamed that the new Bond would become a representative of the fair sex, Broccoli supports the second camp, which advocates the creation of a heroine equal to Agent 007. No one has managed to do this yet, but according to rumors, Lashana Lynch played in the new Bond film a cool MI6 agent who might even get her own spin-off.


"No time to die" will come on April 9, but after that it will be possible with a clear conscience to place bets on who will give Craig the license to kill.

Source: Variety

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