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Will Gambit play like an adult?

Image A rumor has spread across Hollywood that will surely please the large army of X-Men fans. Marvel Studios may revive Gambit's long-suffering solo album.

Previously, the project was owned by Fox. She has been trying to get the film off the ground for a good ten years. At various times, such famous directors as Rupert Wyatt, Doug Lyman and Gore Verbinski were attached to the blockbuster.

Last spring, Fox moved under the wing of Disney Studios, which removed four X-Men comic books from the release schedule, including the Gambit solo album. At that moment, it seemed that the film about the adventures of Remy Lebeau was finally frozen. Looks like viewers wrote off the stunt and gambler early on. According to insiders, the fate of Gambit depends on another mutant - Deadpool.


If the chatty mercenary takes root in the Marvel universe, the studio will launch Lebo's solo album. What's more, the company could experiment and give Deadpool 3 an age limit of R. If the movie hits the box office, Gambit will also be rated 17 and older.

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