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Deadpool vs. X-Men

Image After the Walt Disney Empire bought the rights to 20th Century Fox and all of its projects, the cinematic universe of mutants was threatened. Neither X-Men nor Deadpool could be sure that Marvel would welcome them with open arms, especially since the chatty mercenary roamed R-rated territory, and the Marvel blockbusters did not allow themselves such liberties. At the end of last year, Ryan Reynolds reassured viewers by announcing that there will be a Deadpool triquel.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is famous for its crossovers and massive superhero gatherings, and there are curious rumors in the press about Deadpool. Journalists claim that a film about the confrontation between Wade Wilson and the X-Men is in the early stages of development. While the studio is working on the very concept of the blockbuster, but according to insiders, Marvel bosses are eager to knock a mercenary in a red leotard and a team of mutants. It is rumored that Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick will script the project. The duo have worked on two Deadpool installments, as well as the action movie Outlaw Six and the comedy Zombieland: Control Shot.

When Deadpool and X-Men were still owned by Fox, the studio was not keen to merge them. The point of contact can be called only a hero named Colossus, who appeared in both franchises, and the cast of "Dark Phoenix" was noted for a small cameo in the second "Deadpool".


Studio Marvel, apparently, is ready to take a chance, and according to preliminary information, Deadpool will face some representatives of X-Men already in the triquel.

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