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Will Florence Pugh Become the New Black Widow?

Image After the tragic events that happened to Natasha Romanoff in the last "The Avengers", fans could only guess how this would affect the Black Widow solo album. The director of the upcoming superhero action movie has shared details that suggest that viewers will see Natasha's successor in the film.

“Kevin Feige knew that fans expected this to be the story of a heroine, so of course we did the opposite. Plus, we didn't even know how good Florence Pugh would be. We knew that she was a wonderful actress, but we did not expect such a hit in the role of Elena Belova. Even Scarlett said she was “passing the baton to her.” So the picture will tell not only the story of the Black Widow ", - said Keith Shortland.

The director also added that the solo film will put an end to and allow viewers to say goodbye to Natasha after she sacrificed herself against Thanos:“Fans were upset that Natasha did not have a funeral. But Scarlett and I agree that Natasha would not want a big ceremony: she is too closed and few people know who she really was. Therefore, in Black Widow we showed the grief that some people felt. ”


Recall that the action of the tape takes place after the events of "The First Avenger: Confrontation". Black Widow tells the story of how Natasha Romanoff, a spy and professional assassin who previously worked for the Soviet KGB intelligence service, will face her past.

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