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Umbrella made it to Netflix

Image The Resident Evil franchise will continue to exist. The prospects for the new part of the film series are still vague, but the Umbrella corporation has made it to small screens: Netflix has officially launched a series based on the famous video games. The online service has just shared the details of the new project.

The first season of the series is reported to have eight episodes. Andrew Dabb, renowned for his decades of work on Supernatural, will act as showrunner, screenwriter and executive producer for the new Resident Evil. The first two episodes will be directed by Bronwen Hughes (Berlin Residency).

The plot of the TV adaptation also became known. So, its action will unfold in two time lines. In one, 14-year-old sisters Jade and Billy Wesker move to Raccoon City in the prime of their youth. The more time they spend here, the more clearly they realize that this city is not what it seems, and that their father is probably hiding terrible secrets that can destroy the world. The events of the second timeline take place in the future, after more than ten years. Fewer than 15 million people are left on earth and more than six billion monsters have appeared - humans and animals infected with the T-virus. Jade is thirty, she tries to survive in the new world, but the secrets of the past continue to haunt her, connected with her sister, father and Jade herself ...

"Resident Evil" - my favorite game,- Dabb admitted in an official statement. -I'm thrilled to tell a new chapter in this wonderful story and create the first series in this universe for Netflix viewers. The show will feature many old friends and crazy, hitherto unseen things that all Resident Evil fans will love. and those who will meet her for the first time ”.


The film series starring Milla Jovovich ended with the sixth film released in 2017. One of the franchise's antagonists is Albert Wesker, the head of the sinister Umbrella corporation. It is his daughters who will become the main characters of the new series. Constantin Film planned to reboot "Resident Evil" and even recruited actors for the next part, but it seems that the studio has a priority project for Netflix.

Source: Collider

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