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Quarantine maneuvers

Image GAIJIN ENTERTAINMENT announces that this weekend, the online military action WAR THUNDER will host an event designed for peaceful competition between servicemen from the armies of USA, the United States and Europe. Modern T-80U and Abrams tanks, BMP-3 and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, Mi-28 and Apache helicopters, as well as European equipment - Leopards, Leclercs and other models will converge on virtual battlefields. currently in service with France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Great Britain. The battles will unfold on the maps "Alaska", "Finland", "Middle East", "Mozdok" and "Marine Terminal".

“From the posts on the US Army website, we learned that military personnel use War Thunder for training during quarantine. We decided to support this initiative and help all the crews of modern tanks and helicopters to maintain morale and shape, staying at home completely safe from the new coronavirus infection, ”explained Anton Yudintsev, founder of Gaijin Entertainment .

In the Pentagon vs. Euro Forces vs. Ministry of Defense event, you just need to select the side you want to play for, and the corresponding tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, anti-aircraft missile systems and helicopters are provided automatically for the duration of the event, without having to open them in the game. Although we hope that the event will become a useful training ground for the military, any experienced War Thunder player can take part in it - it is enough to have at least one sample of any Tier V vehicle in your garage in your garage.

You can find a detailed description of the event on the War Thunder official website.



War Thunder is a popular free online cross-platform game for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac and Linux. Players can take part in spectacular battles in the sky, on land and at sea with the participation of detailed recreated military equipment. More than 1,500 unique models of aircraft, tanks and warships from nine countries - the USSR, USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, China, Sweden, Italy and Japan - cover the period from the 1930s to the 2000s. Thanks to regular game updates, the list of combat vehicles, maps and modes available in War Thunder is constantly growing. Follow the project news on the official website


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