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Amazon Films Popular Manga

Image Amazon continues to build a powerful series of TV series. It already includes the political thriller "Jack Ryan", the fantasy "Carnival Row", the psychological drama "The Return", the action game "Hannah", the superhero action movie "Boys" and other TV hits. Now Amazon will try its hand at filming the manga.

The streaming giant will create a series based on the work of Kaiu Shirai's "The Promised Neverland". The first issue of the manga came out four years ago in Jump magazine. Shirai's story has won the prestigious Shogakukan Prize, and her book editions have sold 21 million copies.

The manga is set in the idyllic Grace Field House orphanage. One day, orphans discover the corpse of a former student of the boarding school, who was allegedly sent to a kind and caring family. Children understand that they are kept in a shelter for the sole purpose of fattening them to be eaten by bloodthirsty monsters ...


The show's production team will include Rodney Rothman (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) and Masi Oka (Heroes).

Source: Variety

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