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Will Smith is confident in his genius

Image Back in 2014, Will Smith planned to acquire superpowers in the Legendary film Genius. However, the tape never made it to the screens, and the rights to film the novel returned to its author, Marcus Seiki. Now fate gives Smith a second chance - he will still play the main role in the film adaptation, which has migrated under the wing of Paramount.

Seiki's novel tells the story of a world in which 1% of the population is endowed with unique cognitive abilities from birth. These geniuses pose a threat to "normal" people, and therefore the government closely monitors the gifted. Smith will play Agent Nick Cooper, a man with superpowers who hunts down his own kind. One day he gets the task to find John Smith - the most dangerous and elusive gifted in the whole country, ready to unleash the third world war. To complete the mission, Cooper must go against his own principles.

The script for the film was written by Akiva Goldsman, which probably drew Smith's attention to the project, since the actor has a decent experience of working with this filmmaker. Together they worked on hits such as "I, Robot" and "I Am Legend." Smith also appeared in Goldsman's directorial debut, the drama Love Through Time, but the film, much to the dismay of moviegoers, turned out to be a mediocre spectacle.


In the next six months, viewers will see Will Smith more than once on the big screens: he will plunge into the world of fantasy in the thriller Gemini, and then he will tackle the old in the triquel of Bad Boys.

Source: Deadline

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