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Michael Myers Forgets No One

Image Director David Gordon Green is clearly preparing something unusual for his new "Halloween": the filmmaker intends to return to the screens a number of heroes from the original horror film by John Carpenter - it was the turn of nurse Marion Chambers. Her role in the 1978 horror film was played by Nancy Stevens, and now the actress is ready to meet Michael Myers again.

Recall that Marion Chambers worked in the hospital where Michael Myers was kept. On Halloween night, the maniac attacked her and escaped from the hospital, stealing the nurse's car. Subsequently, Marion appeared in the films "Halloween 2" and "Halloween: Twenty Years Later", but the events of these two films, we recall, will be ignored by Green and his colleagues.

In addition to Laurie Strode and, in fact, Michael Myers himself in the horror movie "Halloween Kills" such characters from the original "Halloween" will appear as Tommy Doyle and Lindsay Wallace. They will be played by Anthony Michael Hall and Kyle Richards respectively. In the John Carpenter movie, Tommy and Lindsey were children that Laurie looked after. Also, viewers will see in the sequel Lonnie Elam - a boy who mocked Tommy when he was a child. Robert Longstreet will play the bully.


Michael Myers will start killing again on October 16, 2020.

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