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Indiana Jones 5 without director

Image The sensational news came from the Disney camp: Steven Spielberg, the permanent director of Indiana Jones, is leaving the director's chair of the fifth part of the franchise. The news broke out like a bolt from the blue. A couple of days ago, actor Harrison Ford assured viewers that filming would start in two months. It looks like Disney's management will have to push back the production timeline and release date of the blockbuster once again.

Sources close to the studio's management claim that Spielberg will remain the film's producer. As for leaving the director's post, this decision was dictated by the desire to transfer the brand to a new generation of filmmakers.

The news shocked fans of the film series. At first, Disney players refused the services of the creator of "Indiana Jones" George Lucas, and now they could not sign a director's contract with Spielberg. Recall that Stephen has been at the helm of the franchise for 40 years, since filming "Raiders of the Lost Ark.


Stephen's replacement may be James Mangold. According to insiders, Disney has already contacted the director. Mangold looks like an interesting candidate, as he, like Spielberg, has achieved success in a variety of genres. The director's filmography includes the neo-noir "Police", the psychological drama "Girl, Interrupted", the romantic comedy "Kate and Leo", the musical biopic "Cross the Line", the western "Train to Yuma", the movie comic strip "Logan" and the racing action "Ford vs. Ferrari" ... Mangold's work was three times included in the list of ten best films of the year according to the US National Council of Film Critics.


Disney officials are in no hurry to confirm information about Spielberg's departure and the beginning of negotiations with Mangold.

Source: Variety

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