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Mads Mikkelsen will see America

Image Mads Mikkelsen continues to conquer Hollywood. Blockbusters "Rogue One: Star Wars. Stories "and" Doctor Strange "brought worldwide fame and many new fans to the Dane. The actor decided that it was time for him to win the hearts of not only ordinary viewers and professional critics, but also members of Oscar committees. Mikkelsen will star in the new film by Academy darling Alexander Payne (Sideways, Descendants).

In 2016, Payne became interested in articles by Norwegian Karl Uwe Knausgaard, who told New York Times readers about a trip to the United States in an attempt to recreate the first North American Viking campaign. Three and a half years later, the project of the two-time Oscar winner enlisted the support of Netflix service and finally got off the ground. According to preliminary information, Payne and screenwriter Erlend Lu ("North") will change the nationality of the protagonist. Mikkelsen will appear as a Danish journalist touring America with his teenage daughter.


Filming will begin in October. Payne's next film was to be the black comedy Menu, but at the last moment work on the project stalled. The director had no choice but to switch to the adaptation of Knausgaard's articles. As for Mikkelsen, he is currently filming the Danish tragicomedy "Drunkenness".

Mads' USA fans will see the idol early next month, when he uses a hiatus on two intriguing films to visit Moscow's Comic-Con.

Source: Collider

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