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Official: Neo and Trinity Return to The Matrix

Image The Matrix turns twenty this year, and Warner Bros. decided to give fans of the franchise a generous gift. It turns out that the recent rumors about the return to the Matrix are true, and the new part of the film series has officially gone into production.

After many years of talk and gossip about all sorts of sequels and reboots, the WB bosses made a truly brilliant move: they decided to shoot a sequel to the original film series, and Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss have already agreed to return to their roles in the fourth part. Moreover, as the journalists suspected, Lana Wachowski will be the director of the quad. She also wrote the script for the project with Alexander Hemon and David Mitchell ("Cloud Atlas").

The other half of the Wachowski duo, Lilly, is not involved in the creation of the new "Matrix", but in her statement Lana did not forget to mention her sister:“Many of the ideas about our reality that Lilly and I studied 20 years ago are still relevant today. I am very happy that the heroes of The Matrix come back to my life, and I am grateful for another chance to work with my talented friends ".


Fans of "The Matrix" after such news are probably worried about another question: where did Morpheus go. There is no officially confirmed information about Laurence Fishburne's character from the original trilogy, but there are rumors that WB bosses are looking for an actor to play the young Morpheus.

Wachowski and his company may start filming the fourth "Matrix" early next year.

Source: Variety

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