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Alexandra Daddario will star on Instagram

Image The actress, best known for the films San Andreas Rift and Rescuers Malibu, has joined Evangeline Lilly and Ike Barinholz in the cast of the comedy Happy Life, which will be produced by Highland Film Group. The film will be the directorial debut in full-length for the screenwriter of the film "One and a Half Spy" David Stassen. Filming will start in September.

In a script written by Stassen himself, young mother Allison Beck (Lilly) suddenly discovers that her workaholic husband (Barinholtz) is having an affair with an Instagram star. The latter will be played by Alexandra Daddario. Making one mistake after another, Allison will not notice how she herself will fall into the arms of a beautiful young man and will be forced to admit that somehow she has moved very far from the image of an ideal, super-responsible and positive mother in which she saw herself before.

Daddario, whose portfolio includes several striking television roles, plans to return to TV soon. This fall, her performance can be enjoyed on CBS's new TV series Why Women Kill, which also stars Ginnifer Goodwin and Lucy Liu.

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Source: Deadline

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