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The Secret of Narnia

Image Last October, the online service Netflix surprised fans of fairy tales by buying out the rights to adapt K.S. Lewis "The Chronicles of Narnia". Today, the streaming giant has finally shared the first details of the upcoming film adaptation of one of the greatest fantasy sagas in the history of world literature.

Foreign journalists managed to find out that in the bowels of Netflix, work is in full swing on several films and at least one series about the world of Narnia. Unfortunately, representatives of the streaming service have not yet announced whether these projects will turn out to be completely autonomous, or they will be united by a single storyline.

So that the writing fraternity does not remain on a starvation diet, the press service of Netflix revealed the name of the screenwriter who will act as the curator of the Narnia universe. The fantasy project teams will be led by Matthew Aldrich, best known for his work on the Coco Mystery cartoon. Pixar's hit won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature, and Aldrich himself earned the world's premier animation award, Annie.


Earlier, three Hollywood blockbusters were filmed based on The Chronicles of Narnia. To the disappointment of Lewis' fans, the series did not fare well. In 2005, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe received great press coverage and grossed $ 745 million. The franchise's start-up success was so heady that Disney and Walden Media decided to increase the budget for the next film to $ 225 million. Caspian "was unable to recoup production costs and finished rolling at $ 419.7 million, the companies announced the termination of cooperation. The studio 20th Century Fox has become a new partner of Walden Media. The third part, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, has reached the level of self-sufficiency, but received rather low marks from the world's leading film critics.


Perhaps the Fox executives would have agreed to release a fourth film, but a year later, Walden Media ended its contract with the owners of the rights to the book series - The CS Lewis Company. The heirs of the writer decided to remove intermediaries from the deal and began to look for new partners in Hollywood with their own hands. A couple of years ago they had an option with TriStar Productions and Entertainment One Films. Joe Johnston could have been involved in the production of The Silver Chair, but at the last moment the leaders of The CS Lewis Company changed their minds and made a deal with Netflix. Now viewers are likely to face a complete reboot of the franchise.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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